One year $25  includes either American Rifleman, American Hunter, or First Freedom magazine.


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Magazine choice:

o American Rifleman – All types of firearms – shooting/reloading/new products

o American Hunter Hunting firearms – products/associated gear

o First Freedom Legislative/political issues – shooting sports, safety programs


By joining here, you will receive a receipt within 10 days to show proof of membership along with the NRA black shooter’s cap; 6-8 weeks later your membership card and credentials, plus $1000 in firearms insurance, and information about many other benefits.  In approximately 90 days your first magazine will arrive and you will receive 11 more issues.


Other types of memberships are available (5-year $125; Life; Junior) by calling (919) 736-2853.  David Fitzmorris is an NRA Recruiter (No. XP012625)  


Mail all applications to David Fitzmorris, P. O. Box 10173, Goldsboro NC 27532.


Thank you for joining the NRA!